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Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is a full fledged department with specialisations in all the major areas of Civil Engineering. The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management. The B. Tech. programme is a well designed curriculum meeting the expectations of industry experts who value high fundamental knowledge as well as exposure to new technologies which are visibly present in this industry today.Broadly, the program addresses
Building Technology and Construction Management
Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering aims at producing graduates ready to work in diverse multidisciplinary areas that are developing. The department provides excellent education in the application of the traditional blend of core areas of dynamics, vibrations, structural analysis, materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and control theory for the analysis, design and manufacturing of a wide variety of mechanical systems. The discipline also provides strong training in modern developments in product design, mechatronics, nano-mechanics, advanced materials, robotics, CAD/CAM, modern manufacturing systems and computational analysis. Specializations in Automobile, Aerospace, Renewable Energy Systems, Bio-medical Devices, Computational Engineering, and Systems Engineering are being introduced in the undergraduate curriculum. The students undergo extensive course work, project work and laboratory experience during their studies.

The Department faculty is a blend of people with an extensive teaching, research and consulting experience and others who are relatively recent graduates full of energy, enthusiasm and aspiration of an exciting and long academic career.

Textile Engineering

The Indian textile industry and ready made garments industry are in rapid progress and is offering huge revenue to the country. It has increased the need for engineering graduates who have the skills in engineering, design, chemistry, management, computers, apparel, marketing/sales, and quality control. Textile Engineering uses the principles of engineering with specific knowledge of textile equipment and processes. The course curriculum also draws knowledge from other engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and industrial and chemical engineering.
Textile industry basically involves manufacturing of various types of fabrics both natural and synthetic as well as of production machinery and application of new technology. The industry has categorized in three major areas of work namely research and development, manufacturing and merchandising. In this direction, the Department of Textile Engineering is vigorously marching towards pursuit of technical excellence in textile education. The department vision is to establish global leadership in the field of Textile Technology and develop competent human resources for providing service to industry and academia. The department mission is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of principles of engineering with a multi-disciplinary approach that is challenging, create an intellectually stimulating environment for research, scholarship, creativity, innovation and professional activity and foster relationship with other leading institutes of learning and research, alumni and industries in order to contribute to National and International development.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the branch of Engineering concerned with the design, operation, maintenance, and manufacture of the plant and machinery used in Industrial Chemical processes. Chemical engineers are in great demand because of the large number of industries that depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials. In addition to traditional careers in the chemical, energy and oil industries, chemical engineers enjoy increasing opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic device fabrication and environmental engineering. The unique training of the chemical engineer becomes essential in these areas when processes involve the chemical or physical transformation of matter.

Computer Engineering

The department is established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The department has modern facilities for teaching, learning and research. The department offers a wide array of research opportunities and programs of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Department consist of well-equipped laboratories for separate computing platforms, enabling the students to work with different cutting edges and hot cake technologies.
Enough laboratory time is made available to the students for maximum utilization of the computing facilities. Our main strength is highly qualified & experienced faculty members, who are very enthusiastic in learning new technologies and updating their skill sets. Faculty members are always ready to guide students apart from regular teaching hours and maintaining the disciplined behavior in the departments. The department is providing latest, quality education and fulfilling growing needs for the skilled professionals, of the ever changing Software Industry and the IT world .

Information And Technology Engineering

Department of Information Technology is set up to implement the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Govt. of INDIA. Department of Information Technology is working to put technology to its highest and best use throughout Government Department/Autonomous Bodies to improve the administration of State Programme and Services. Proving guidance on technical matters to Departments, vetting IT projects and taking Department on achieving IT Road Map are the basic jobs of Department of Information Technology. The Department is committed to building a strong relationship with key innovation and IT industry stakeholders and improving government service delivery through efficient use of information and communications technology services and shared services. The Department maintain a very indusive, feel-at-home & open culture in the premise, because it believe in progressive unfoldment of the students towards becoming perfect IT professionals. The department not only provides the IT professionals but apart from regular studies, we cultivate the virtues of discipline, high Moral values, Competitiveness & Team spirit in our students, which leads to the overall personality development of the students.